PyGuard protects personal data stemming from your devices

Our connected devices, smartphones and computers, generate personal data which reflect our opinions and lifestyle. However, these data are often being sent to third parties without our knowledge. Mostly used for targeted advertising, they can also be misused, like in the recent scandal Cambridge Analytica. Our project, engaged in cybersecurity : to filter out all unnecessary data without impairing services operation. Goodbye ads, trackers, cookies and third party connections !
Regaining the sovereignty of our data is a personal, societal and political issue, so together, let's reclaim our privacy.

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Protect your privacy

PyGuard helps you fight back third parties that gather your data without your consent to analyze your behavior and influence your purchases.

Never forget another password

PyGuard generates and updates your passwords for you in order to improve the security of your accounts

Man typing a password on his phone
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Enjoy a world without ads

PyGuard blocks all ads, commercial videos and sponsored content, on all your devices, undetectably.

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Protect your privacy with the PyGuard browser extension

No more being tracked on the internet !

  • Discover what websites are retrieving about you
  • Block ads, trackers and cookies
  • Secure and manage your passwords
  • Protect your children with parental control
  • Manage your right to anonymity through your profiles
  • Available soonTM on :

  • firefox
  • opera
  • chrome
  • edge


  • Privacy

    Privacy by Design

    From its conception, PyGuard was designed to protect your personal data, and encrypt and store them locally in accordance to the GDPR.

  • Protection

    Centralized protection

    Rather than relying on the individual security of each connected devices, PyGuard blocks threats before they can reach them.

  • Sovereignty


    Your personal data belongs to you, and you should choose when and to whom you wish to communicate them.

  • Autonomous


    PyGuard was designed to be autonomous and blend in effortlessly to your browsing habits, while preserving advanced control for more experienced users.

  • Anti-tracking


    You don't like targeted advertising, or to have your behavior analyzed ? Neither do we ! Stop being tracked on the internet : PyGuard blocks unwanted third-party connections.

  • SSO

    Single Sign-on

    PyGuard simplifies signing and logging into your accounts through a secure password manager paired with a random email addresses generator.

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Frequently asked questions

You will find here the questions we most frequently received. Don't hesitate to contact us through our email adress for any question, we will be glad to answer you !

  • Where to buy PyGuard ? How much does it cost ?

    Currently under development, the PyGuard solution is not yet available to the general public. You can keep yourself informed about the commercial release of PyGuard by following our project on social networks or by subscribing to the newsletter.

  • How does PyGuard secure my data ?

    Thanks to a firewall and an Intrusion Detection System (IDS), PyGuard is able to detect all suspicious behaviors and block potential threats, including internal ones. PyGuard embeds an antivirus, in order to protect your data, and block all threats for your connected devices. Equipped with a VPN, PyGuard also protects your mobile devices, such as your smartphone or connected watch, thanks to a secure external connection. Operating in accordance to the whitelist principle, only manually authorized devices will be able to connect to PyGuard.

  • Will PyGuard be compatible with all my connected devices ?

    Yes. PyGuard is compatible no matter the operating system or the brand of your devices. Outside your home, PyGuard's app installed on your smartphone redirects the traffic through a VPN, in order to expand the protection of your data no matter where you are.

  • Will PyGuard slow down my internet speed ?

    In order to block unnecessary third party connections and personal data before they reach the internet, PyGuard analyzes the traffic using artificial intelligence mechanisms. If data processing takes time, it is however compensated by trackers and ads being blocked, alleviating up to a third of all the connections made by your connected devices.

  • Does PyGuard respect the GDPR ?

    Oui. Nous ne collectons aucune donnée personnelle sans votre consentement explicite préalable. Vos données étant stockées localement, vous pouvez les effacer à tout moment depuis la page d'administration de PyGuard. Pour toute question relative au stockage et au traitement de vos données personnelles, nous vous invitons à contacter notre Délégué à la Protection des Données (DPO), M. Patrick SIMON, à l'adresse mail

You have other questions regarding our project ? Your answer might be in our full FAQ.