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PyGuard is a project driven by Panga, in partnership with MyDataBall and the Xlim laboratory. Funded by the MAIF Foundation and the European fund NGI_Trust, PyGuard is currently under development and not yet available on the market. Based in La Rochelle, the project was born out of the innovative idea of a fervent privacy advocate: Patrick SIMON, joined by a team equally convinced of the importance of protecting the personal data of citizens from GAFAM and BATX.

The actors of the project

  • Panga

    Driving force behind PyGuard, Panga is a young startup in La Rochelle (France), that develops a solution for Smart Buildings, respectful of their residents personal data, by processing and storing it locally.

  • MyDataBall

    MyDataBall is a start-up located in Niort (France), specialized in data modeling, analysis and correlation, as well as neural networks and artificial intelligence.

  • Xlim

    Xlim is a multidisciplinary Research Institute, which federates teacher-researchers whose work has contributed to the analysis of data from connected devices.

  • L3i

    L3i is the Computer, Image and Interaction Laboratory of the University of La Rochelle. Its work has enabled PyGuard to adapt to the browsing habits of its users.

  • Fondation MAIF

    Recognized of public utility, the MAIF Foundation vocation is to finance research to prevent risks. It has supported and funded the project since its inception in 2016, under the name Hosen.

  • NGI

    Launched by the European Commission in 2016, NGI_Trust is an investment fund whose initiative is to promote a more open, transparent and privacy-friendly internet for tomorrow.

Our values

  • Availability

    Being a human scaled structure, we are available to help all those seeking to better protect their privacy on the Internet.

  • Quality

    Recognised and supported on a European scale, our approach places users at the centre of our concerns.

  • Innovation

    Specializing in personal data management, we offer cutting-edge technologies to protect our users from the risks of the digital world.

  • Respect

    Your personal data belongs to you, and our team makes every effort to enable you to protect it and reclaim your sovereignty.

Key people of the project

  • Patrick SIMON

    Patrick SIMON

    Founder and CTO of PyGuard and Hosen projects, Patrick SIMON is a cybersecurity and network specialist committed to the protection of privacy.

  • Stéphane CHAUVIN

    Stéphane CHAUVIN

    Co-Founder of MyDataBall and PhD in mathematics, Stéphane CHAUVIN s the artificial intelligence specialist of Pyguard.

  • Marc RIGOLOT

    Marc RIGOLOT

    Director of the MAIF Foundation, Marc RIGOLOT believed in Hosen and then PyGuard since 2015, enabling their development.

  • Jean-Marc TRUFFET

    Jean-Marc TRUFFET

    Head of Communication and Projects at the MAIF Foundation, Jean-Marc TRUFFET has been involved in the development of the project from the start.

Lignes de construction du logo PY

Why PyGuard ?

PyGuard is the combination of the acronym PY : "Protect Yourself", and the term "Guard". PyGuard acts as a guardian protecting users privacy, so our name had to show the importance of securing personal data against the major Tech Giants. This is why we chose to keep these two letters, to also refer to the Greek letter Pi. Indeed, π defines the area of a circle, like the perimeter of protection that we aim to offer to our users.

Packshot boîtier PyGuard

Hosen : the project origin

Started at the end of 2014, the PyGuard project was originally called Hosen. Supported by the MAIF Foundation from the beginning, our goal already was to protect personal data stemming from connected devices.

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