Frequently asked questions

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions. For any other demand, please contact us using our email address, we will be happy to reply !


  • Where to buy PyGuard ? How much does it cost ?

    Currently being developed, the PyGuard solution is yet not marketed to the general public. You can keep informed of the commercial release of PyGuard by following our project on social networks, or by subscribing to the newsletter.

  • Will PyGuard be available in my country ?

    PyGuard is not yet marketed, but will be available in France and Europe as a starter, and then worldwide.

  • Is PyGuard for professional or personal use ?

    PyGuard was designed primarily to protect individuals and their families. However, PyGuard can be adapted to a business environment and used to better protect corporate data, including monitoring if sensitive business or personal data are sent to the outside world. You are a professional and your company might be interested in our solution ? We invite you to contact us directly through our email address


  • How to install PyGuard ?

    PyGuard is a device that connects to your router using an ethernet cable. It also requires to be electrically powered. Then, you only have to connect the devices you want to protect to PyGuard WiFi network, or directly with an ethernet cable. An installation guide will be provided to guide you step by step.

  • After setting up PyGuard, can I use the Internet as before?

    Yes, with the difference that you won't be tracked online anymore ! And in case PyGuard blocks a resource you want to access, you can simply disable it with one click from our plugin.

  • Will PyGuard slow down my internet speed ?

    In order to block unnecessary connections and personal data before they are sent over the Internet, PyGuard must analyze network traffic with artificial intelligence. If these operations take time, they are compensated by blocking trackers and advertising, alleviating up to one third of all connections made by your connected devices.

  • How many devices can I connect to PyGuard ?

    PyGuard supports up to 4 devices connected directly to it using ethernet. In WiFi, PyGuard does not impose any other limits than those of the protocol itself, and therefore supports up to 32 connected devices.

  • Does PyGuard work on smartphone and tablet ? (Android et iOS)

    Yes. When you are outside your house, the PyGuard application installed on your phone allows you to redirect your phone's traffic to your home using a VPN to extend the protection of your data wherever you are.

  • Does PyGuard work with all connected objects in my home ?

    Yes, PyGuard is compatible no matter the operating system or the brand of your devices.

  • Can I deactivate PyGuard at any time ?

    Yes, you can deactivate PyGuard through the administration page, or through the plugin, for all your devices or only for certain websites. However, you will no longer be protected.

  • Do I need to install a software ?

    To limit software installation, PyGuard is operational as soon as it is installed. On the other hand, if you want to protect your devices outside of your home, you need to install an app on your phone. A plugin is also available to integrate PyGuard seamlessly with your browsing habits.

  • What will happen if I change my phone ?

    Your preferences are saved on PyGuard, so you won't lose any data. Simply pair your new phone to PyGuard's WiFi, and allow the new device to connect through the administration page.

  • Does PyGuard require updates ?

    Yes, PyGuard will benefit from updates in order to always keep up with new cybersecurity threats. Updates can either be automatic, so that you don't have to do anything, or accepted by hand, depending on your preferences.

  • Is PyGuard compatible with my antivirus ?

    Yes. PyGuard embeds a centralized antivirus that identifies and blocks threats coming from the Internet. However, a standard antivirus installed on your device will also protect you from offline threats, such as an infected file from a compromised USB key for example.

Security & privacy

  • Does PyGuard collect my personal data ? Is my data sold to third-party ?

    No, no, absolutely not! That would go against the philosophy of our project and our team. Our revenues are solely based on the sale of our solution.

  • Can PyGuard access my web browsing history ?

    PyGuard has access to all connections made on your network, in order to block unwanted connections. PyGuard only analyzes data that are strictly necessary, including personal data that is sent over the Internet. PyGuard works entirely locally and the data is processes is encrypted. Our solution has been designed to make external access to your data, including by us, impossible, while respecting the principle of "Secure By Design".

  • Does PyGuard comply with the GDPR ?

    Oui. Nous ne collectons aucune donnée personnelle sans votre consentement explicite préalable. Vos données étant stockées localement, vous pouvez les effacer à tout moment depuis la page d'administration de PyGuard. Pour toute question relative au stockage et au traitement de vos données personnelles, nous vous invitons à contacter notre Délégué à la Protection des Données (DPO), M. Patrick SIMON, à l'adresse mail

  • How does PyGuard secure my data ?

    Using a firewall and an Intrusion Detection System, PyGuard is able to detect any suspicious behaviour and to block potential threats, including internal ones. PyGuard embeds an antivirus, enabling the protection of your data, and blocking any threat to your connected devices. Also embedding a VPN, PyGuard protects your devices when your are outside, like your smartphone, laptop or smart watch, through to a secure external connection. Following a whitelist principle, only devices that you have manually authorized will be able to connect to PyGuard.

  • How does PyGuard protect me from hackers ?

    PyGuard blocks all unknown connections by default, and applies a barring policy. This means you must approve any new device trying to access your network, thus preventing any intrusion.

  • Can PyGuard access my personal files on my computer or smartphone ?

    No, PyGuard has no access to your personal data other than the one you register for monitoring. Moreover, PyGuard only analyzes the data that passes through it, and therefore has no way to access your devices, only the data they send over the Internet.

  • Why do I need different profiles ? How do I configure them ?

    On the internet, we are not willing to share the same information with every website we visit. It seems normal that our bank's website knows our identity, our contact details or our bank account. However, another bank, a forum, or a dating site should not have access to it. These profiles, which adapt to each visited website, can be configured through the PyGuard administration page.