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With PyGuard

PyGuard protects your connected devices,
both at home and away.

Connected to your router, PyGuard filters all unnecessary connections and personal data on the internet. Strong advocates of data sovereignty, our solution is Privacy by Design in accordance to the GDPR : it was designed from the start to protect your personal data, which is why we store and process them locally, in the safety of your own home.


Secure your personal data

We made cybersecurity the top priority of our solution, due to the sensitive personal data it centralizes. Encrypted and stored locally, PyGuard centralizes your data and blocks any threat before it reaches your devices. Equipped with a firewall, IPS, antivirus and VPN, all your connected devices are protected, even outside your home. PyGuard analyzes, blocks or replaces personal data according to websites reputation and category, without preventing them to function properly.

Why choose PyGuard ?



Antivirus with firewall

Single sign-on

  • Password manager
    • Save and manage your accounts, and generate passwords randomly

  • Temporary email addresses
    • Generate random email addresses for authentication


Digital avatar

  • PIM : Personal Information Manager
    • Manage your personal data through a secure digital safe

  • Profile management
    • Manage your anonymity level through several digital identities


Artificial intelligence

  • Risk analysis of websites
    • An algorithm analizes every website to determine their reputation and the risks associated

  • Websites classification
    • Each website is classified by an artificial intelligence engine


Threat detection

  • Block high-risk pages
    • Pages are scanned and blocked if they can endanger your data.

  • Blocking ads, trackers, cookies
    • Ads are blocked on any type of connected devices

  • Data encryption
    • Your data is encrypted in order to anonymize and protect it

  • Protection of mobile and wearable connected devices
    • Your mobile devices are also protected against piracy outside your home

  • Protection of all connected devices
    • Centralized protection of all devices in the house


Data control

  • Parental control
    • Limit the access to inappropriate content to your children

  • Unnecessary data replacement
    • Your informations are modified or blocked without compromising the operation of the websites and services you use.

  • Intercepting, blocking or modifying personal data
    • A Deep Packet Inspection tool (DPI) intercepts your data before it reaches the internet

  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
    • Your confidential informations are classified and protected, to prevent them from being disclosed.


Digital safe

PyGuard stores your personal data in an encrypted and secure digital safe, in order to monitor by whom they are extracted.

Digital avatar

Our personal data builds digital identities on the Internet. PyGuard adapts this digital avatar according to the browsed website, so that only the strictly mandatory data is allowed to be sent.

Connection blocker

PyGuard detects connections, trackers, advertisements, and cookies that are not required for the operation of a service, and blocks them.

Connected devices

PyGuard warns you if one of your connected devices behaves suspiciously, or if an unknown device tries to access your network.

Single sign-on

PyGuard's single sign-on system allows you to manage passwords, accounts and email addresses, to simplify signing and logging in procedures.

Project values

  • Privacy protection

    Your personal data reveals your personal life, and should not be exchanged without your knowledge nor consent.

  • Data sovereignty

    Your data belongs to you, and you should be able to choose with whom you decide to share it, and how it should be used.

  • Confidentiality

    All personal data analyzed by PyGuard are strictly processed and stored in your home, without any external access by our company or third parties.

Product specifications

General features

  • Plug & Play
  • Compact & modern design
  • Compatible with every operating systems, browsers and devices

Technical specifications

  • Size : 136 x 126 x 39 mm
  • CPU : Quad-core x86
  • RAM : 8 GB
  • Storage : 32 GB SSD
  • Ethernet : 4 LAN ports, 1 WAN port
  • Wi-Fi : 1 x WLAN 802.11 b/g/n
  • Power supply : 12V 3A
  • Power : 36 W

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Press kit

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